P1.25mm Fine Pitch

P1.25mm Fine Pitch LED Display Screen

  • Model:LINSN-FP-P1.25-600X337
  • Fine Pitch LED Display
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • CE,RoHS,FCC Approved
  • Product Description: P1.25mm Fine Pitch LED Display Screen,16:9 Ratio Small Pixel LED Video Wall

Product Description

P1.25mm Fine Pitch led display screen,Small Pixel led video wall

New Product LINSN 16:9 Golden Ratio LED Display with 600×337.5mm size, this product will be targeting small pixel led display market. Excellent desgin, Top quality, perfect visual performance, better Color consistency. Dual Backup design for power supply and control system, front service installation to save labor and cost, and more.
It delivers an image which is super subtle and without getting tired after a longtime watchin.Super High Refresh Rate, High Frame Frequency, No Ghosting & Twisting or Smear.Front Serviceable Module allows easy Maintenance, Saving Time & Spac.16 Bit Grey Grade Processing, the color transition will be more natural.


1: True High Definition Display

Linsn latest technology promises ‘the maximum high-definition experience’ and guarantee you a flat and seamless screen with good uniformity and true 8k, 4k display.

2: 16:9 Golden Ratio Design

16:9 Golden Ration Design Cabinet with 600mm×337.5mm size, unique style and perfect cabinet for various evenet.  Dot-to-dot correction technology provide you pure image with great gradation.

3: Perfect Cabinet Structure

Unique Cabinet Design with elegant appearance and human layout, easy installation and maintenance, pleasing to the eye with great visual experience.

4: High quality LED Panel

Support smart modules, support correcting data storage, Support module temperature detection, Support voltage detection, Support dot to dot correction.

5:Front maintenance design

there is no need for maintenance channel behind the screen. It can be attached to the wall to save time and space.

6: Dual Backup Design

Supporting dual backup control system, dual backup power supply, automatically switch the picture in an LED screen when it occures any problems to make sure a stable and reliable image.

7: Seamless Splicing

Seamless splicing design with better cabinet connectors, top / down fast locks, and left/ right fast locks, offering the audience excellent visual experience without any gaps and the LED display with ultra high flatness.